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Vejle Spring 2017 – Detailed program

The European AI Network meeting
Vejle, May 17-19 2017

The Detailed program

Day one

Time/ Day-date Wednesday 17/5
Venue Rådhuset. The Town Hall.  Skolegade 1, Vejle.
Meeting room 5
Morning Arriving in Vejle, finding your hotel,
Lunch Lunch on your own
Check in and coffee
14:30 Opening ceremony
Late afternoon
Connecting city and citizens – a model from Amsterdam

“Bridging the gap between society and municipality. Trends in society and combining AI, Design thinking, U process and innovation processes.

Discussion with introduction from Frank Van Erkel, The ChangeLab


Connecting City and citizens – a model from Vejle

Lisbet Wolters, City Architect, Vejle Kommune.

She will engage us in a dream session about Vejle 2050 – how to shape the city for the future.

How does Vejle engage local communities and citizens in the process of developing the city.

Discussion on the topic. A dream phase that takes us 24 years into the future. How can we as AI people contribute to Vejle 2050?

If time permits – The harbour changes

What goes on and how have the people voices and ideas been integrated in the process. Would we have done it differently?








20 –

Wednesday evning in Vejle.

Lisbet Wolters will take us on a city walk and talk about architecture, city flow and the development of Vejle. Endpoint at our next destination,

Brød & Co (Bread & co) http://broed-co.dk/

Here we will experience beer from local micro breweries. Local specialities and fantastic bread delivered by the local Bread Man. And a chance to talk to him about local produces and growing your business on yeast.

Time in Vejle’s nightlife at your leisure

Day two

Time/ Day-date Thursday 18/5
Venue Bygningen, (The Building) Ved anlægget 14b. Vejle

An old union house from the start of the century.
Inside the shopping mall Marys.








A time for preparations

Present your topics for Friday’s open space session.

Preparation for consultancy –
Creating groups and matching groups and companies. Preparing the work we will do in the afternoon.

There is a common theme for all the consulting, and the companies are invited to send representatives to the opening and evaluation of the process.

Lunch At the venue




How to use AI in when you engage with your customers via digital (web based) communication.

Key words for us as consultants:

Appreciating the power of the www – and how to use AI out there…

18.may Appreciating the power of the www – and how to use AI out there…
13 -13.30


Opening. How can AI influence our discussions on email, internal forums and social media? How to create discussions about strength based change online.
13.30-16 Workshops with the network and the companies. Presenting challenges and working together.
16-17 Sharing experiences and outcomes.
(with the companies)
Late afternoon Time on your own in the heart of the city.
A walk on the Harbour can be arranged for those interested,
Evening 19:00 Common dinner at Restaurant Shangrila
Dinner is included in the meeting price, drinks you will pay separately.

Day three

Time/ Day-date Friday 19/5
Venue Tårnværelset + Økolariet,  Dæmningen 11, Vejle
Municipal meeting rooms.


A day dedicated to ourselves

Open Space. Bring projects, ideas, questions you want to explore with the network. Present the project, dilemma, challenge that you want your fellow participants comments on. Or enter the realm of active advisors trying to give life and solutions to these topics.

Lunch At the Venue


Thoughts around the future
Evaluation and closing ceremonyWelcome to ???
Late afternoon


Jedi meeting

For all those participants who are interested in influencing the future of the network. Newcomers are welcome.



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