Values & Principles

Begeistring Organizations
The Provocative Proposal, Values & Principles

What you see here is a living version of values and principles of the network.  The first version was created at the network meeting in Anavyssos, Greece on September 24, and is be updated as new thoughts are reflected in our discussions.
What do we mean with the addition of “Begeistring” to the English language?

“Begeistring is rather beguiling!”

“I imagine that the word Begeistring is something very germanic but the feeling and meaning of the word must be universal.”

“Translated it means “our souls are filled the theme we are “begeistered about”

“How can we find good and useful synonyms for it? It tells us how we allow ourselves to be in touch with our soul in combination with enthusiasm.

“For Dutch people begeistring is a very powerful word, it means more than inspiring (leadership). So let’s introduce begeistring in English

“We want to find solutions of pride, to learn from each other and to invite each other to new challenges.

The idea of a self-organizing Network fascinates us,
as well as the idea of being practical, aiming at results and take action in the flow of energy.

We are actively contributing by sharing with each other and learning by each other.

In learning through sharing and sharing through learning
we try to make the Difference and create a Positive Revolution.”

The Provocative proposal
As noted by Yvonne Bonner – Sept 24 2007 – updated in following meetingsWe are a vibrant community, learning from the past and the present, practicing solidarity and making a difference to where we work and live.We connect and combine our individual and collective knowledge, experiences and inspirations, to create vital far-sighted communities for future generations

Values and Principles
Evolved and updated through the network meetings

Looking out for the needs of others, valuing all thoughts and ideas.
Being respectful, bridging differences and creating possibilities.

Passion and Inspiration
We feel a lot of passion and inspiration and that keeps us Connected, Combined, Creative

Believing that differences in age, function, culture, religion etc broaden our perspectives and enriches our thinking and acting
Learning and exchanging in Action
Exposing ourselves to new situations in our different countries seeing ourselves through the eyes of each other.
Learning through our collaborative work with common conferences and mutual activities

Dialogue is an Action between two or more distinguished entities that interact to Communicate to Exchange and Co-Create Meaning in Context.Openness, Inclusiveness, Respect, Reflexivity and Commitment are essential and promote our dialogue questions addressed as Invitation, out of Curiosity and authentic Interest to share stories, as well as focusing and structure help our voices blend and create shared meaning and therefore actions.
The analysis and synthesis of the result of the network meeting in Norway – input from ARadford