Tonsberg, 10-12 April 2008

Tønsberg, Norway – April 10,11,12 – 2008

Begeistring Organizations!

The European Network around Appreciative Inquiry and strenght based change and the Norwegian organizing group hosted a greatly succesful event in Tønsberg, Norway.

The conference “Learning and managing lives” was carried outh onThursday April 10.  It was a wonderful success with almost 500 participants.  Pictures and films from the event can be found on the event page belows

On Friday, April 11 there was a networking day where 80 people from different countries in Europe with a common interest in Strength Based approaches met and worked together

On Saturday April 12 we had a network meeting for anyone interested in participation in building the European Network.

April 10: Learning, and managing lives
April 11: Play of Leadership
April 12: European AI network

arranging group norway 700Links to organizers

Municipality of Stokke-Pre schools
Municipality of Holmestrand – Pre Schools
School of Ringshaug – Municipality of Tonsberg
School of Kirkevoll, Municipality of Re
Work institute of Buskerud
Sareptas AS

Begeistring organisations

What do we mean with the addition of “Begeistring” to the English language?

“Begeistring is rather beguiling!”

“I imagine that the word Begeistring is something very germanic but the feeling and meaning of the word must be universal.”

“Translated it means “our souls are filled the theme we are “begeistered about”

“How can we find good and useful synonyms for it? It tells us how we allow ourselves to be in touch with our soul in combination with enthusiasm.

“For Dutch people begeistring is a very powerful word, it means more than inspiring (leadership).  So let’s introduce begeistring in English.”