Reggio Emilia, 17-20 April 2013

Reggio Emilia April 17-20 2013
The 15th network meeting took place in Reggio Emilia.  Below you find program and documentation.
Click here for a Slideshow from the days.

Participants Participant list Reggio Emilia April 16-20 2013
Wednesday April 16 Welcome ceremonies, and planning for methodological approach and documentation strategies
Thursday April 17 Constellations – an experiment with AI in systemic views (Bert Hellinge)
Mirco Carratieri, a local historican told the story about Giuseppe don Dosetti.  Listen to the full talk below.
Chiara Marinelli – Social housing project with mental patients in Turin. Download summary here: Chiara Marinelli
Francesca – What happens when AI is translated to different languages
Friday April 18 Lisen Kebbe – Succession in family Business.  Download presentation here: Italien Kebbe presentation generation transition
Renzo de Stefani – Mental health as collegial entrepreneurship: beyond the distinction patient, family and professional
Rossella di Monda &  Stefano Govi  The challenges of the “MoVimento 5 Stelle” a dramatic change in Italian politics. The role of small enterprises
Saturday April 19 The network Story
The Governance Document and decisions
Final greeting