Prague, October 2013

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Wednesday 2 October 2013
Checking-in (re)connecting and drinking coffee…

Welcome ceremony.
Introduction to the theme of Diversity and Magic
Diversity and Magic exercises
Sharing with the group.
Presentation of organisations to visit and signing-up to groups and open space introduction

Thursday 3 October
Prague Astrological Meta-walk. Ondřej Habr and Peter Lauritzen
Sharing experience of the Astrological Metawalk
Open space world café style
Preparation for visiting organisations

Friday 4 October
Visiting organisations
Sharing experience
Meeting with representatives of Prazske forum, a Prague anti-corruption organisation
Presentation of Přednost přednostem an example of an international AI project in the Czech Republic
Short promotion for the Barcelona meeting and Closing ceremony
Dinner arrangements

Saturday 5 October
Advisory Board (Jedi Council)

1. Future of the network
2. The economy group – report.
3. Next meetings:
Tanzania 9-16 August 2014 (Since this is spring in Tanzania this will be the 2014 spring meeting)
Barcelona, November 2014 with the IberoAmerican AI Network
Gotland spring 2015