Athens September 2007

Network meeting at Eden Beach in Greece
This time the network met in connection with the yearly conference “Systemic Ideas in Action” arranged by Kebbe Sandström from Sweden, Mac Mann Berg from Denmark and Center for Systemic Therapy in Greece. Follow link below to find some interesting documentation from that meeting as well
Documentation from the AI Network meeting
Click for slideshow Summaries from the AI conference in Florida Sept 2007
As being presented and interpreted by Anne Radford & Yvonne Bonner
Draft Systemic competence review
As being compiled and drafted by Kees Ahaus & Leif Josefsson
Provocative Proposition, Values & Principles of the European network around Appreciative Inquriy & Strength based change
A first draft as being worked out by participants at the network meeting.
Slide show above from our sunset excursion to thehistorical temple at Sounion
Welcome to the next meeting in Stokke, Norway – April 2008