Manchester 2-5 November 2011



12th AI European Network Meeting & Grundtvig Conference
Manchester November 2-5 2011

Stand by for more stories, reports and images.  For now, you can enjoy this slideshow by Micke Brozén by clicking

The 12th AI Euro Network Meeting and the Grundtvig Conference are now concluded.
The European Network Meeting found place at the same time as the Grundtvig Conference where people from both meetings met and worked together on some moments. The Grundtvig conference is organized by the Grundtvig project,. The grundtvig project has the aim to initiate practitioners sharing of AI and strength based work specifically among Adult Educators as well as the wider network of practitioners. The Grundtvig Project is the outcome of a European-wide partnership across the AI Euro Network membership.

The conference team of the European Network exist of te people, Cliodhna, Kathy, Kate, Mary, Liz, David, Abdul, Peter, Helena and Ann, members of the AI North of England and AI UK network.

The projectteam of the Grundtvig conference exist out of 8  people, Ann, Lene, Nadya, Yvor, Harris, Fannis, nPeter, Annet, from England, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia, the Netherlands. They all welcomed the participants from the European network meeting and the Grundtvig Conference together. The connection between the two meetings was the Awakening thematic flow and to Connect Combine, and Co-create’. There were moments of sharing projects, cases and experiences. The European network members go to local organizations to support them in their work from the perspective of strength based change. that, at least. At the same time the 32 Grundtvig funded participants had sessions to share their best practices towards strength based change within adult education. Afterwards there was a mutual moment to learn from insights and evaluation.

Below you will soon find information about the result of the meeting including images and stories. Please be patient.

Download the documents below to review programme and welcome information

Ai Network Meeting_Grundtvig 12th Meeting Welcome Information

Euro AI Network Manchester 2-5 – Conference Flow