Jedi Council

What is the Jedi Council?

The Jedi Council is working both on and between the Meetings.

  The Jedi Council Advisory Board it is named during a meeting.
The Jedi Council Advisory Board is the general assembly of the network. The Advisory Board Meeting is held after each network meeting.
We normally meet Saturday morning after the regular meeting and work with an agenda with the following points:

  • Evaluation of the meeting.
  • Economy of the Network.
  • Series of next meetings.
  • Incoming proposals or requests.
  • Everyone who is present at the meeting can take part.
  • Those present choose a chair for the meeting and a m inute maker
  • Decisions are reached trough discussions, we do not vote
  • Minutes are send out to The Jedi Council Mail Group after the meeting

Between the meetings.

The Jedi Council Mail Group connects the members of the The Jedi Council Advisory Board.

The is a list of people who has volunteered to assist with network matters between meetings.

The group works as a Council, where questions or ideas, via email, can be presented and discussed between meetings. People who arrange the meetings can ask for help, and it is possible to share news around the AI/Strength based approach.
You have to be a paying member to be part of the the Jedi Council Mail Group.

You have to have been present at at least one Meeting to become a member. Those present at the Jedi Council Advisory Board will be asked if they want to become members of the Mail Group. Others can send a message trough the contact us form.

You can, of course, leave the group any time you want.

Why is it called the Jedi Council?

The term is taken from the Star Wars films. In the film series The Jedi Council is an organized body of Jedi, typically Masters, serving the Jedi Order as an administrative body that governs the Order’s academies, temples, and organizations.

The name was chosen when the mail group was established to organise the Communication between those members who had chosen to be involved in Network activities between the meetings.