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The community around Appreciative Inquiry and Strength Based Change.


Invitation for the 2018 EU AI network meeting in The Hague!

UPCOMING NETWORK MEETING: September 12th until September 14th 2018 in The Hague, Netherlands  more info TheHague 2018.



The Network is a non-profit association of AI practitioners and people with a general interest in Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based principles and work.

A group of individuals from different countries in Europe who have started to meet with the dream of growing a network of people with a desire to share ideas and to collaborate. Up to the fall of 2015 the network has met 20 times in 14 countries in Europe, and Tanzania.
From Stockholm in the north to Tanga, Tanzania in the South.
From Pecs, Hungary in the east, to Barcelona in the west.

We would like to invite anyone who is an Ai practitioner and/or is interested in AI and other strength-based approaches, to become a member of the Network.
Details on how to join can be found here. press for membership

The primary objectives of the Network are to make a platform for cooperation and co-creation between these people and to spread and enlarge the knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry in Europe.

The two most significant assets in this work are the Network meetings and the website.The Network has two annual meetings in spring and autumn. Meetings are held in different countries.

Our next meeting is the celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the network.

Held in Hasselt, Belgium near the Dutch-Belgian border 18th–21st May 2016 with the theme: CROSSING BORDERS-a co-creation of flourishing futures.
More information on program, participation and prices can be found here.

You will find reports from all previous meetings through the link
Network Meetings

An important part of each meeting is the discussion around values and principles of the network, and to build on what is previously agreed.
Values & Principles

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