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  1. Next network meeting: Vejle Danmark

    We are sad to announce that we had to cancel the Vejle Meeting due to a too low attendance.

    If you already signed up and paid, the full fee will be returned to you as soon as possible.

    Should anyone find themselves with a non-refundable plane ticket to Vejle, Peter Sepstrup will be happy to make a private arrangement and be a guide to Vejle and do a reduced talk about AI and Government, connect to interesting people and help with accommodation.”

    Any questions you have in connection with refunds should be addressed to Cora Reijerse at cora.reijerse@gmail.com

    Other questions or comments are welcome at vejle2017@aicommunity.net

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.


    Next meeting is in Vejle, Denmark,
    on 17-19 May 2017


    AI and strength based approaches in the public space

    The locations are all in the centre of Vejle. We will be at Rådhuset (Vejle Town Hall); Bygningen, (The Building) and Tårnværelset + Økolariet (The Tower Room + the so called Ecolarium)
    Where is Vejle? Check it here. 
    You can see a short AI video made in Vejle at the bottom of the page.

    The program will start on the afternoon of Wednesday the 17th May, with the check-in and opening ceremony

    Vejle Municipality is going to introduce their methods for strength-based approaches to connecting people and city. These involve changing the organization to be able to be appreciative. We hope to include some similar examples from Amsterdam.

    We have also invited a couple of companies with a common problem:
    How to work appreciatively on-line? We will be working together around their challenges and create new learning together.

    We have a city-walk planned with the city architect, an open space with your own contributions and lots of other fun.

    The closing down ceremony will be on Friday the 20th May in the afternoon, followed by the traditional Jedi-meeting in the late afternoon. (15:30-17:30)

    As usual, it will not be passive listening. We will be on the move into the places in Vejle where things are happening, and working together, we hope to deliver interesting feedback and ideas to the people and organisations that will open their doors to us.
    And we will, of course, have time for ourselves with Open Space session where we can discuss topics relevant to the individual member or the whole community.

    Velkommen til Vejle

    Peter Sepstrup & Peter Lauritzen

    The detailed program can be found here.

    And practical information on transport, hotels etc. is here

    Did you like what you saw?

    The price for participation is € 145
    Plus a participation fee to the Network of € 50 for non members or € 25 for members.
    The price includes coffee, tea and water, Lunches Thursday and Friday. Samles of Danish food Wednesday and Dinner Thursday.

    Finally if you want more information or have any kind of question for us, please write to vejle2017@aicommunity.net

    Information on Vejle Kommune

    Placed in Jutland, near Legoland! 9th biggest city in Denmark with about 55.000 people. Part of a municipality (Danish: kommune) with a population of 112.000

    Vejle has had a development from a provincial town to what you might best describe as a tiny vibrant city – a Micropol.

    We will dip into this development and hear about how strength based approaches have been used in many of the projects. Especially around integrating the citizens and businesses in the decisions and executions in order to create a common idea of working together towards progress, rather than having it enforced on you.

    Finally there will also be the the opportunity to try the local restaurants and sample some of the great food and Danish beer. Unfortunately, the Global Warming is not yet permitting us to produce excellent wines – perhaps next time…



    Two Network veterans organise this event:

    Peter Sepstrup, who works with co-creation between government and citizens with a special focus on democracy and rural areas. Peter was part of organising the previous Vejle meeting in 2009



    Peter Lauritzen, who is now based in Prague, but originally comes from Aarhus 80 km to the north of Vejle. Peter worked with using AI in schools for difficult children in the municipality there. Peter was an organiser of the 2012 meeting in Zagreb and the 2013 meeting in Prague and has been involved in assisting the organisation of many of the latest meetings.


    Last time Peter & Peter did some AI stuff together in Vejle, were in June 2012.
    From that came a short film that tells the story of how the board of AI Community Denmark were engaged in a combined Metasaga and city tour.
    Hoping to be inspired to think good thoughts and find their voice.
    We invite you to see this small movie, which also gives you an impression of central Vejle.