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  1. Accomodation in the Hague

    About the accomodations in the Hague:

    The location we are staying on thursday and friday is the City hall on the Spui.
    There is a very efficiënt tram network in the Hague.
    There are a lot of AIRBNB rooms in the Hague for prices from € 60-€ 100,- pro night.

    the Studenthotel
    Easy Hotel
    Ben B
    I suggest that you use the Trivago site for the best price.

  2. EU AI network meeting ”Resilient Youth”

    The Hague, September 12-15-2018

    We are proud to announce that the city of The Hague in the Netherlands will host our next European network meeting in September!
    The theme is Resilient Youth.

    As a part of a bigger Resilience story we will in our network meeting appreciate and inquire the present Youth Resilience. And explore future possibilities to enlarge the strengths of the youth of the city and help them blossom. We will invite all the stakeholders in the room and visit them as AI network member teams for Compact AI Conversations that concern relevant and actual issues for the stakeholder organisations in The Hague concerning our theme.


    The Hague’s Resilience Story


    As the home to several international organizations including the International Criminal Court, Euro just, Europol and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the Hague has built a strong reputation as the international city of peace and justice. However, we cannot rest on our reputation. Today we are facing new major challenges such as climate change, growing inequalities, and digitisation of our economy, all of which will have complex and interconnected effects on our city. These challenges can partly be tackled by the sorts of technical innovations that the Dutch are famous for, but ultimately The Hague’s resilience relies on a broader approach that empowers our citizens to support one another in good times and bad.

    The Hague’s Resilience Journey

    In May 2016, The Hague was selected to join the 100 Resilient Cities program. The Hague hosted its Agenda-Setting Workshop on December 1, 2016 and released a workshop report in February 2017.
    The Hague released its Preliminary Resilience Assessment in January 2018, both in English and in Dutch. The main result of the PRA is the identification of four discovery areas, with a combination of problems and opportunities:

    • Inclusive, strong and just city
      Key question: How can we ensure our international reputation for peace, justice and security also reflects the experience of living in The Hague?
    • Agile and climate ready 
      Key question: How can we create more adaptable places and critical systems that meet our needs in the face of acute hazards and climate change, as well as ensure our communities are prepared to withstand and bounce back from disruptions.
    • Cyber secure city ready for the new economy
      Key question: How should we approach the transition towards digitisation and emerging economic sectors embracing a future economy that builds on our strengths, is secure from disruption and maximises benefits for all our citizens.
    • Resilience in the way we work
      Key question: How do we integrate the principles of resilience thinking into the city’s processes, encourage new kinds of cross-sectoral collaboration and support bottom-up initiatives by communities?

    To turn those discovery area’s questions into implementable projects, programs and initiatives, Phase II of the strategy development will consist of targeted research and idea generation by local, national, and international experts and the assembly of ideas into a coherent and practical strategy. Essential for a resilient The Hague is the city’s most important asset, its people. Public participation will be at the core of their approach, with citizens to help shape the steps the city takes.


    Why come?

    If you want:

    • To learn together with together network colleagues about how to practice AI real time
    • Have fun in the global and interesting city that also has a lovely beach called Scheveningen.
    • Have intimate and meaningful conversations with AI colleagues from Europe

    Come and join us from 12-15 September 2018!

    To subscribe: click here; Suscription for the event is only €100 including a networkfee of €25: you become 2018 member automatically. When you are allready a 2018 member you get a reduction of €25 and pay only €75.

    To see who is coming too: click here.


    The program (is under construction)

    Wednesday September 12

    -Welcome and introduction
    -The city council of The Hague welcome speech
    -Connection of participants: getting to know each other
    – A scientific expert tells us about a relevant youth theme

    Dinner together

    Thursday September 13

    -Stakeholders present questions and challenges of their organisations.
    -EU AI participants form groups and prepare their Compact AI Conversations with the stakeholders of their preference.

    Lunch in the town hall

    -AI teams travel by bike to the stakeholder organisations and have their Compact AI Conversation about Resilient Youth. ( 2 hours)
    -Preparation of the feedback to the participants the next morning

    Friday September 14

    -Valuation: feedback from the conversations in a creative way
    -Cultural intermezzo


    -Open Space
    -Goodbye ceremony


    We will post information about accommodations in the Hague in July on the site.

    The Hague is easy to reach by train. Schiphol airport-The Hague will cost you ½ hour travel time. From the train station Den Haag Centraal it takes a 10 min. walk to the City Hall

  3. Invitation

    Invitation for the 2018 EU AI network meeting!

    The year 2017 was shaped by high energy periods of hard work by all of us. The network did not get all the attention it deserves, but we are happy to report that fresh ideas have come to life. Yvonne Bonner, Miriam Subirana, Ann Shacklady Smith, Cees Hoogendijk, Akkie Okma, Joep de Jong and Cora Reijerse met in Amsterdam recently.

    We discussed substantive options for exchanges within the Network and we explored possibilities for meetings. We investigated among ourselves as to what has inspired the Network over the past 10 years. The group concluded: friendships within the Network, landscaping and flash company visits (working together with new European colleagues).

    We concluded that it would be valuable to continue to learn from each other and to re-energize the Network.

    Therefore: A European AI Network meeting will be organized in The Hague, the Netherlands, on 12,13 and 14 September 2018.

    The city of The Hague has expressed its willingness to host this meeting. The Hague city is an organization in change. The city looks forward to having exchanges on its change processes and challenges with the European AI practitioners.

    City Hall of The Hague

    We decided to work on draft papers with them. The theme (under discussion): Youth Resilience. Youth resilience resonates with the City of the Hague, as it is part of an European network of resilient cities. http://www.100resilientcities.org We are very excited about this meeting. In order to prepare the meeting, we will organize a pre-summit in the spring to explore the theme with as many stakeholders in the room as possible. Please let us know if you are interested to join us!

    Kind regards to all! The Dutch organizing team: Akkie, Cees, Joep and Cora