Barcelona 2014: Programming

Barcelona November 5-8 2014

FOCUS:  Designing Generative Conversations
CONTEXT: Design in Appreciative Inquiry is constantly re-emerging and re-invention
OVERVIEW: Together we will explore the different design realities.
Connectedness through Design and Co-creating Design.
Design to integrate strangers; design conversations to integrate stakeholders
DOWNLOADS: These documents are offered as gifts from Gervaise Bushe
Generative process, generative outcome – by Gervaise Bushe (2)
5. Generative Image by Gervaise Bushe and Jacob Storch
Wednesday 5th November 2014 (afternoon)
Place: Pati Manning, Sala Plató, first floor Click here for map
15:00 Welcome Time to connect and reconnect
Introduction to the theme, Designing Generative Conversations by Miriam Subirana,
16:00 Managing stakeholders for building ethical organisations: an experience-based approach‏, by Esther Trujillo (Spain), council member of IDEIA and director of Planbet.

Break at 17:00

17:30 Inquiry into the European AI Network from 2006 to 2014 led by Anne Radford (UK) and Joep C. de Jong (Netherlands):
o How is it that the European Network continues to emerge?
o What is the essence or the core of the Network?
o What do we learn about designing generative conversations from the Network?
18:30 Red Iberoamericana de Indagación Apreciativa on their experience on designing generative conversations, and successful cases in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Guatemala.
19:15 – 19:45 Presentation of list of companies and organizations to visit next day, by Miriam Subirana

Dinner on your own.

Thursday 6th November (9.30am to 18h)
Place: Universitat Ramon Llull  Calle Valldonzella 12-  Click here for map
Morning session:
Auditorium, Biblioteca Ramon Llull Blanquerna, basement (go down one floor).
From 11:30: Aula (classroom) number 201, Universitat Ramon LLull, Facultat de Comunicació.
09:00 Welcome to the day.
Focus of the program: Information on Key social and economic issue and engagement with Barcelona community through site visits.
09:30 Appreciate the stranger in our world with an economy that is under pressure.
How challenging is it in an economy that is facing difficulties to get the local people to work, to get immigrants and ‘foreigners’ to find work?
What ‘worlds’ are being created by the different parties, organisations in this situation?
– When it comes to the integration of foreigners in a society, what do you see as the key success factors and how can we implement those successfully?

Xavier Alonso
, Institutional Relations – Head of Unit. General Directorate for Immigration – Generalitat de Catalunya
11:00 Break
11:30 Engagement with Barcelona community: for generative conversations and experience of Design in Action.
o Presentation from organisations
o Open space for preferred selection
o Group preparation for visits
13:00 LUNCH
Social Constructionism in designing conversations.
Jakob Norlem, Taos Institute Europé (Denmark)
Visits and debrief with organisations
Dinner on your own
Friday 7th November (9.00am to 16h)
Place: Fundació Integralia, polígon Mas Blau d’El Prat See. Click here for map
09:00 Site visit and presentation from Integralia.
10:00 Reflection in self selected groups (a particular network, people interested in a topic area or from a particular region):
o What are the potential takeaways for you about designing generative conversations and how are these useful in your group?Break at 11:0
11:00 Coffee Break (Sala Miguel Marti i Pol – Integralia)
11:20 Experiences from youth (tbc) (Sala Tierra AB – Barcelona Airport Hotel)
o enredandose (it is a project of youth in networking) Sala Miguel
o womens prison (project by youth using strength based methodologies)
12:00 Information exchange from TIE and AI networks: activities, insights and questions for the next phase of the Network
o Future Connections between TIE and European AI Network
o Update from European Networks and about World AI Conference in South Africa, July 2015
o Connect – Combine – Create: Connecting with each other to combine the best of today to create the best of tomorrow for the future generations was the provocative proposition for the Network in 2006. Is this still good or is something new needed for the Network for 2014 and beyond?
14:00 Lunch, Closing ceremony and handover to organizers of next Network meeting
(Sala Miguel Marti i Pol – Integralia)
16:00-18:00 Two offers to explore Barcelona
Some are coming to Barcelona for the first time, others have already visited the city. This two offers for exploration where you can choose one.BARCELONA AND GAUDI
One is with Maribel, an artist, official tour guide, expert in Barcelona, to visit and explain about Gaudi, old gothic cathedral and other places (see attached doc.).


Xavier Alonso, Head of Unit. General Directorate for Immigration – Generalitat de Catalonia (Catalan government).
His guided tour will be on the Raval neighborhood, where most immigrants live. Please see enclosed the two full explanations of their tours.CLICK HERE FOR DESCRIPTION OF THESE TWO TOURS!!
Guideds tour in Barcelona November 7

Each tour will have a cost of 20€, which is did not include in the 200 €, as it will be optional and after our meeting officially finishes.  You will make choices for these extra activities in your registration.

Saturday 8th November (9.30am to 14h)
Place: Universitat Ramon Llull, room 101  Click here for map           
09:30-14:00  Advisory Board (Jedi Council)

As for the hotels, we have two offers:  The first one, more humble and cheap, is a public residence of researchers. The other, a more classy hotel.


Researchers Residence (Residencia de Investigadores)


Rooms price (VAT included) and breakfast included

Single: 55 euros

Double: 84 euros (42 per person)

Triple: 112 euros (37’3 per person)

To proceed for the booking, people just have to contact them and the meeting code is: ‘network AI’.

The other option (good rooms, good meeting places, good restaurant, …) is offering us a link to proceed with the booking with the same ‘network AI’ code:

Hotel Catalonia Rambles


Rooms with breakfast and VAT included

Single: 99 euros

Double: 130,9 euros

In order to make the reservation and get the very good Price offered you need to click on the link below and use the password IDEIA_CATALONIA


The meeting hall is located in a very nice cloister called ‘Pati Manning’:

Total per person including rent of hall, coffee breaks and lunch as said below, would be 200 euros including 50 for european network, so total 150 plus 50.

150 euros includes:

Rent of hall for 5th afternoon, 6th and 7th morning until 2 or 4 pm and rent for 8th morning hall

Coffee breaks: for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th

Lunch for 6th and 7th

When you have registered, you can review your registration.  You will also get a confirmation email.  As planning proceed you will be notified and will have the opportunity to update your registration.

DOWNLOAD PARTICIPANT LIST HERE: Participants and locations – Barcelona Network meeting November 4 2014