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Welcoming Styrkebaserad from Sweden as Silver Sponsors!


 We welcome the Swedish company Styrkebaserad (Strength based) as Silver Sponsor.
Daniel Richardsson is a passionate AI advocate, and has been the first in Sweden to launch a university course in Appreciative Inquiry.

Tell about your company.
Our leadning mission question is  “What is the world, calling us to discover, to become, to be and to do – together?”

Daniel - version 2Strength Based is what we assist our customers to become.

We work with using and spreading AI and strength based leadership and change management in many creative ways – as consultants towards companies and social institutions such as kinder gardens and schools, as organizers and facilitators of university courses at Mid Sweden University, and as co-founders of the Swedish AI Forum, www.aiforum.se to name a few.

Styrkebaserad.org (Strength Based.org) is based in Sweden and is founded by Daniel Richardsson.  Today Daniel and Tony Åsberg is “the core-power of two team” of Styrkebaserad

What  core values have attracted you to join the open European network, the Begeistring Community ?
Connections, community and freedom to contribute.

What do you want to contribute to by sponsoring the network?
1st showing appreciation to Leif Josefsson and for his appreciative leadership, his skills to create this onlinenetwork, to make it emerge, survive and now florishing.

We like to contribute with Scandinavian strength, authenticity and honesty in an joyfull way.

Expectations and hopes for the European network, Begeistring Community?
On a daily basis, we can see how Appreciative Inquiry and strength based leadership are in Sweden to stay, and we are delighted to take part in this network and its events, sharing ideas, learning from others who have done this before and/or are the best in the world. Your work out there inspire us and help us meet our longings.

How could we engage more in co-creation throughout the community?
By creating high-quality connections, trought meetings, workshops and online meetings in an “open space” spirit.

What could we do around the website to make it more attractive to you?
Be the only place where I need to go…and that I from the website have easy access to facebook, twitter, google etc.