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Welcome Van Harte & Lingsma as Gold Sponsors.  The story told by Joep de Jong

Harte Lingsma

It took quite a while into 2011 before we started to renew the sponsorship.  A new and appreciated Gold Sponsor is Van Harte & Lingsma, where Joep de Jong is CEO.  We got curious about the sponsorship.  Here is a small interview

Tell us about your company Van Harte & Lingsma
Van Harte & Lingsma is recognised as a marketleader in the Netherlands when it comes to leadership and personal development. We provide assessments, training, workshops, coaching and mentoring in this area and are constantly trying to be ‘leaders in leadership’.


What do you want to contribute by sponsoring the network?  Joep
I strongly believe that the network is a – or maybe event ‘the’ – key ingredient to keep us connected. It is the platform that keeps the European Begeistring Network alive and therefore absolutely essential.

What are your expectations and hopes?
My expectations and hopes are that the interactivity on the network will grow and that we get more energy into the community and as a result of that all will feel that the network gives us more energy in return!

How could we engage more in co-creation?
I love this question although I can only come up with a simple – and not really sufficient – answer and that is that we would need more cross border projects (I’m thinking of Sarah’s book as an example).

What should we do around the website to make it more attractive to you?
I think the website is really very good. My wishes would be around the possibilities to incorporate the new social media.