Tanga 2014: Programming


This is the 18th European network meeting, that will now truly move outside the box, to Tanga, Tanzania!

The theme for the network meeting is Being outside the box – Learning from the inside of Africa.


TICC treeWe Believe that Appreciative Inquiry has some assets that can help most organizations achieve more of what they want in shorter time.  At TICC we will learn from experiences in using AI in the Tanga region.  Ruth Nesje and her colleagues at TICC will share some of their findings and together we will appreciatively inquire int a different Culture and learn from our Tanzanian colleagues.

Here are some of the questions we’d like to inquiry into

  • What will emerge when European AI-practitioners connect with organisations in Tanga?
  • How do the principles of AI fit into organizational Cultures in Tanzania?
  • What can we learn from TICC’s 10 years of experience?

One of the differences in the program compared to regular network meetings is that we will spend more time to visit organizations and Projects; One whole day of Learning/consultation

The Three Days of network meeting will be facilitated by Ruth Nesje from TICC/Sareptas and Pål Tangaard from Lent/Sareptas. The accomodation and meeting will take Place at Tanga International Competence Centre, TICC, initiated by Ruth Nesje and her husband Odd Lund-Isaksen, and founded by the partners in Sareptas, their spouses and some friends in 2007. TICC is built on a Dream of a social business in Connection with the local Community.

Ruth Nesje was one of the founders of the European AI Network, and to go and visit this place has been a dream for some time for many people in the network. WELCOME

Observe that we have moved the program so that it starts one day earlier

Date Activity
Aug 11
Arrival to Tanga and TICC / alternative ending of the AI course at TICC
Dinner at 7pm
Aug 12
Program starts at 9am
Opening of network meeting – Connecting
An invitation to make a difference:  Presentation fo Tanga International Competence Center and an introduction to Tanga region.  Ruth and colleagues shares some highlights and experiences.
Presentation of organisations to visit
Group planning for visits
Dinner at TICC at 7pm
Aug 13
Full day out in groups to explore the organizations/companies

Dinner in Tanga Town at 8pm

Aug 14
The program starts at 9am
Share experiences from visits
Presentations and dialogue with invited guests from the Tanga Community; Sharing visions, Dreams and creating new ideas together. Some might join the Open Space afterwards.
Open Space
ClosureFrom 7pm Goodbye party with Music and dance. Concert with Eazymen, the famous band from our Youth Centre in Tanga, where many of them works at TICC.
Aug 15
Morning – Advisory board meeting

Stay over the weekend if you want, sail to the sandbanks out at sea for an unforgettable day



For the network meeting and Advisory board the price will be an all inclusive which covers full board at the TICC from Tuesday evening to Saturday lunch (four nights).  Venues, coffees, transports in and around Tanga is also included.  Only extras these days are drinks.

Single room occupancy
Single room $350
Double room occupancy
Double room $320

If you want to spend days at TICC before or after the meeting, the cost is $50 for single and $75 for double occupancy, half board.

Participants pay their own flights to Dar es Salaam, from which you can either fly or go by bus to Tanga.  We will help you to find the best transport.  There are some new and modern buses taking you between Tanga and Dar es Salaam in about 6 hours for around $15.  The flight between Tanga and Dar es Salaam goes over islands of Pemba and Zanzibar.  Cost for flight to Dar es Salaam is about $120.  TICC can also arrange for groups to ride with a minibus a cost per person that will be somewhere in between.

Best price flight connections are usually Qatar, Ethiopian, KLM, Turkish – currently from around €600 roundtrip.

To carry out the meeting we will need at least 10 participants by the first of February.  We advise you not to buy tickets that are not refundable or changeable before this date.

Registrations are now open, see link below.  You will be notified by mail and invoiced just February 15th.  From January you will be able to see who else is planning to come.
2012-11-27 10.11.35

Web: www.meetingpointtanga.net
Facebook: facebook.com/meetingpointtanga

Download some reading here below
TICC Introduction 2012 for all
Presentation Program Areas TICC

We are now open for registration
Observe that we need a minimum of 10 registrations to continue with planning.



The network meeting will be three full days, Wednesday to Friday. You should arrive on Tuesday and plan to leave earliest Saturday.  In connection with your stay  there are many options for activities before or after the meeting. TICC can help you with anything you would like to experience whether it is from your professional interest or you want to extend the visit with a vacation.

Inspirational Learning – Deepening your understanding as a professional
You might want to learn more about the work of TICC, to extend your stay with deeper knowledge of the different “Program areas” where a whole Group of TICC staff can be your partners in Learning.  Whether your interest is in health, education, entrepreneurship, community development or other areas you could get a program that is designed for your interest and special focus.

Sustainable tourism – Enjoy and relax the country in a way that contribues to the local community
If you want to plan a safari, find a beach lodge at the Tanga coast or visit Zanzibar and Pemba, TICC can help you to find offers where you can combine your touristic desires with a knowledge that the Money you spend will benefit the local Community and not just some European big business.  TICC has an unsurpassed network of lodges, safari organizers and other touris ventures that can give you the best possible experience.

Whatever your needs are, Tanga International Competence Center can assist you.  More about this will be communicated later.

Insight and outside.
The Maasai Steppe and Usambara Mountain trek August 3-11
Dar es Salaam, Handeni, the Maasai steppe and the Usambara Mountains.
Before the network meeting Leif Josefsson will offer a unique experience week for a limited group up to 10 people, exploring the people and places of the inner Tanga region.

Starting in the bustling market district of Kariakoo in Dar es Salaam where the expanding economy of Tanzania can be felt as almost a physical presence.
Connecting to the Town of Handeni, an upcoming centre of mineral industry and farming that just become accessible through a new chinese built tarmac road.
Exploring the Maasai Steppe (partly by foot).
Entering up into the 30 million year old Usambara Mountains, a unique Biodiversity hotspot, to visit a village dreaming of a kind of tourism that will benefit the people there.
maasai steppe
This journey offers a unique possibility to explore and experience themes of leadership, diversity, development and sustainability.  As consultants and leaders you will have a unique experience of meeting in dialogue with people who has had very little contact with any kind of western influence.  You will hear stories about hope, about leadership, use of technology, of social change.

As for accomodation we will stay in hotel or lodge for 3 nights, in a Maasai boma for 2 nights and in the homestead house of Kwalei for two nights.   If you feel reluctant to the Maasai lodging we could provide with tents for these nights.


CLICK HERE FOR TRAVEL PLAN IN PDF FORMAT: Insight and outside – 10 days 2014 – alternative 1

Preliminary Journey plan

August 3
Alternative 1
Arriving in Dar es Salaam.
African Hotel in Kariakoo market district
Afternoon walk in Kariakoo
August 4
Driving to Bagamoyo and Travelers Lodge. Beach day and exploring the town which is both a an old slave center, and a modern artist hangout.
August 5
Drive to Saadani National Park
Safari drive. Overnight accommodation at the Saadani Eco Lodge
August 6
Alternative 1: Transport to Handeni.
Alternative 2:  Arrival Dar es Salaam and direct transport to Handeni (5 hours)
Meeting with district representative.
Evening conversation with local people
August 7
Drive to Msomera Maasai settlement
Visiting health station and the rainwater dam.
Overnight stayover in a maasai boma (tents can also be provided)
Evening conversation with villagers.
August 8
Trek over the maasai steppe.  For serious trekkers, this can be a walk up to 28 km, but as we have support both by Pikipik (motorcycles) and a 4WD car you can choose the length of your walk
Overnight stay in Shangandu Maasai village.
Evening conversations with villagers
August 9
Drive up into Usambara Mountains to Maweni Farm or Irente Biodeversity farm.
Usambara Mountains is a “Biodiversity hotspot” with a unique variation of plants and trees.
August 10
Visiting Kwalei mountain village where a eco tourism project some years ago made some locals invest in building “homesteds” to host Tourist.
The Project ran out of funds, but the houses stand there and are maintained by the owners, while hoping for guests to arrive and the business to get started.
Walk up into the hills where tea plantations cover much of the area
Evening conversation around hopes and dreams for the village as a host for a hospitality business.
August 11
Reception at the Kwalei school.  Singing and dancing
Drive to Tanga and the network meeting
August 12
Start of AI Network meeting


This journey will take Place from Tuesday August 5 to Tuesday August 12.  All transport, meals and accomodation will be included.  On the maasais steppe we will be supported by a Maasai translator, a motorcycle guide, and a 4WD car.  In the Usambara Mountains, the very experienced guide Kiki Kiwatori will be supporting us fully to connect and translate.
During the whole journey we will also be in Company with Rafael ole Moono, who many has met.  He is a Maasai from Handeni who has been many times in Europé, and he is a perfect partner for this adventure.

Alternative 1: August 3 – 11.  $1400
Alternative 2: August 6 – 11   $1000

For any questions around this week, please contact Leif.josefsson@gmail.com