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Stockholm network meeting – “Essay in Two voices”

The Swedish network meets once a month in the format of “Network Café” where someone has taken the leadership stick to offer a program, an exploration, or just an experience.

On Monday Feb 22 we met for an idea laboratory at Hotel Hellsten (also a new network sponsor) Monday Feb 22 to explore an idea that is being developed by Madelyn Blair (Pelerei, Maryland, US) and Leif Josefsson (Stockholm Sweden)

The essay in two voices is an attempt to facilitate a dialogue between two people writing in parallell and to iterate the dialogue in a series of essays where each step gives half the space of the previous.  You can see an example of an Essay in the attached Essay where Madelyn and Leif used the format to explore the idea together.

Arne Höggren and Leif Josefsson was responsible for this night following the format of our network meetings in Stockholm
17:30-18:30 We gather for a drink and something to eat
18:30-20:00 Idea laboratory, Exploring a method or idea
20:00-21:00 Reflections and appreciation of what we have done.

As the essay is designed for a process where you use your computer to write we had designed a slightly different format for this night.  The participants were asked to split in pairs, read the original essay (se attached document) and find a topic to explore together, but use paper and pen to write instead of the computer.  We had printed out forms where you had a full page for the first essay, and then shrinking the space in half until the final 140 character.

-I was surprised to find things I would not have thought of from the beginning.
-What does it mean when you write together with someone?
-We reached far and deep in a short period of time.
-Different to what I thought – It gave med new ideas, and new applications
-It sharpened my senses
-What is conscious leadership?
-It moves the frontline of your own creation – you become listened to!
-It’s an exciting approach to writing – gives you  space for reflection – reminds of mirror walls you use in therapist training.
-The written word is extremely powerful, but what happens with those who are not so good in expressing themselves in writing.
-Provides an extra-ordinary space for others listening.

Essay two voices – What does it mean