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Special message for the European network on AIP subscription

Modified message for AI Network re: AIP subscription 2009

If you haven’t taken out your AI Practitioner subscription for 2009 yet, this is a good time to do it.
Especially if your currency is the US dollar or the Euro. Your currency is strong, British pound is not!
This means you’ll pay less for your subscription than last year.

And, AIP in 2009 will look different and it will be easier to find the articles you want.

2009 Issues
– February ’09 Working Boldly with AI Examples from the UK AI Network
Guest editors: Julie Barnes and Anne Radford, UK

May ’09 Intergene rational Dialogue

Guest editors: Joyce Lemke, Marjorie Schiller and Peter Whitehouse, USA

August ’09 Appreciative Systemic Practice
Guest editor: Carsten Hornstrup, Denmark

November ’09 Appreciative Leadership – the leaders’ stories
Guest editor: Helena Kovacs, Sweden

Recently, someone took out a Small Organization subscription so that she could share AIP with her colleagues. Perhaps, you would like to do the same. Also, AIC and other groups have chosen to provide AIP 09 issues to its members. If your organization or association would like to do the same, do get in touch.

Very many thanks to everyone who has taken out their 09 subscription.

Best wishes,

Anne Radford