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Report from “Appreciative Inquiry in 2010” arranged by NIP- Labor and Organization psychology and AI & Network Netherland

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a new approach to change management that is rapidly gaining ground. Working with AI generates fun and energy. From there on, the future together is to be discovered, visualized and designed.

The conference was intended for everyone involved in making changes, and is interested in viewing changes from a strength based and positive angle. For trainers, coaches, counselors, psychotherapists, managers, experts and non-AI experts. The interactive day gave an insight into the philosophy and principles of AI. And offered an explanation of possible applications to organization, team and individual levels. The conference also had a practical approach, with workshops and AI Cafe.

We met more than 220 visitors in an friendly and open atmosphere with lots of dialogue and appreciation for new insights and knowledge. Some people said it was like coming home.

In the morning the two keynotespeakers John Rijsman and Johan de Veer left the audience speechless during their presentations and answered the questions afterwards very seriously.

Professor John Rijsman is a professor of Social Psychology at the Social Faculty of the University of Tilburg. His lecture was intellectuallychallenging and with a humorous touch that touched the hart and the mind.

Drs. Johan de Veer is a senior  organizational consultant at the Dutch Ministery of Tax. He has a very relaxed way of presenting is always innovative and works with AI for many years within the tax ministery. His lecture was called: Lessons from successes.

In the afternoon we had a rich program with 9 workshops from AI practitioners from the Netherlands. Some subjects: Change of culture by the AI approach at a dutch poilice organization, AI and multidisciplenary teambuilding in a hospital in Belgium. The power of storytelling and Appreciative Living,

With a lively  dialogues and energetic exchanges in an  ai café round on many different questions at different tables we closed the program.

It was a lovely day of good interaction and lovely energy. I am proud to have organized it together with Annet and having been a part of it.

Cora Reijerse

8 april 2010