Program ( under co-construction)

Wednesday May 18th 13.00 -Saturday 21 th 13.00

Wednesday May 18th : Connect

13-15 Welcome (registration, music, ‘limburgse vlaai’, coffee, tea… )
15 Opening ceremony – crossing bridges to each other & encounter
18: Soup and sandwiches
19 Preparing the company visits for the next day
19.30-20.30 Open Space


Thursday May 19th: crossing borders : visit to Maastricht, The Netherlands (Landscaping and company visits)

Belvédère: a district that adds something to the city

9:15 : By bus to Maastricht. Departure from Hotel H.
10:15 – 12:30: Visiting the Belvedère
13.30 – 15 : Free time in Maastricht /guided tour or walk in the Frontenpark (exciting combination of city, nature and history)
15-17 Two organizations to visit in Maastricht
17.30 Towards Hasselt by bus
18:30 Appetizer and Dinner together in Hasselt

Friday May 20th: discovering Hasselt ( Landscaping and sharing and learning)

8.30 Coffee, tea. Introduction on the day and Sharing and learning : Open space sessions and workshops
8.45 Dialogue with Joep de Jong about Crossing borders for a flourishing future and the situation in Europe.
10.15 Workshops, round 1
11.30 Walk to the City Hall, quest for images (metasaga with students)
12.30-13.45 Reception at the City Hall and Lunch.
14.30-15.30 Sharing and learning  Workshops, round 2
15.45-16.45 Sharing and learning  Workshops, round 3
17 -18 Closing ceremony with refreshments.

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Saturday May 20th: Advisory board/Jedi council
10.-13 Board meeting