Tonsberg, day 2

The Play of Leadership – April 11

In the conference 80 people from 10 countries met to work with “The Play of Leadership”
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Openining session Begeistring Organisations – Anne Radford
Health Dialogue – Presentation by Vegard Högli

There is more to come.

Act 1: Connect & frame

Anne Radford gave an introduction to the idea of Appreciative Inquriy  Explaining what is appreciative strength based leasership all about and the impact of it.  Why is this picked by some people and not picked up by others

Act 2: Discovering You as Leader
Discover the leader in you,  and set out your hopes and wishes for using your leadership skills. Share stories to find patterns of leadership

Act 3: Creating Images of Leadership
Leadership shows up in many different places – in Norwegian schools, Tanzanian villages and in businesses.
Create future images of Leadership – Our Dreams 2013
Share our Dreams –where will Our Leadership make a difference?

Act 4: Living Leadership
Strength based approach to leadership
The story told as a presentation by Dr Vegard Högli about The Health Dialogue Programme – A long term, systematic approach for strengthening the cooperation between health care providers in a Norwegian health system with 69,000 employees

Open Space session – Living your leadership
All participants, influenced by previous dreams and good experiences have the opportunity to create topics or questions, joined by others who want to take this topic forward.

Act 5 Closing and Reflections
Closing by forming tables of the participants of the different countries.  Norwegians, dutch, Swiss, French, Spanish, Swedish, British can reflect in the own language:
What inspires us about leadership?

“We want to find solutions of pride, to learn from each other and to invite each other to new challenges.
The idea of a self-organizing Network fascinates us,
as well as the idea of being practical, aiming at results and take action in the flow of energy.
We are actively contributing by sharing with each other and learning by each other.
In learning through sharing and sharing through learning
we try to make the Difference and create a Positive Revolution.”