Bled, day 2

Moving to the next level
The second day is giving all of us a chance to exchange best practices and burning questions, while renewing the connections and relationships and advancing the Network.

Approach: Day 2 will start with an opportunity to connect and extend our discoveries via a Walk & Talk, a paired chat and stroll along the beautiful lake Bled.

We will come back to share our experiences, and move onto the parallel workshops, designed to respond to needs and interests of the Network, and offering a range of topics that explore the dimensions of Appreciative Inquiry beyond the most used and abused elements, such as the 4-D model, reflecting the overall theme of the 9th Networking Meeting, “Begeistring Learning: Moving to the Next Level”.

We will wrap-up with a dialogue for the entire community on the past, present, and future of the Network.

Time Activity
09:00-10:30 Welcome back leading to Walk & Talk: Reflecting, Connecting, and Extending
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Parallel Workshops Session: Moving to the Next Level

Preliminary workshops:

  • Is there more to AI than 4-D? Plus other frequently asked questions.
  • When Words Create Worlds: The Social Constructivist and Systems Principles of AI – Story and Narrative
  • Ethical leadership
  • Other workshops will be added after suggestions from participants
12:30 Lunch & Personal Reflection Time
14:30 Community Dialogue: Life and Needs of the Network

Preliminary discussion topics:

  • The Network’s New Business Model and next steps using the web.
  • Upcoming Networking Meetings: Needs, Preferences, and Visions
  • The application to the Grundtvig programme
17:00 Departure