Bled, day 1

Learning of Real Impact
Landing in the landscape, exploring it’s mysteries
Day 1 is giving all of us a chance to experience and learn from an AI Summit method while connecting and contributing to the realities of a Central & Eastern European organizational, historical, cultural context.

As a way of connecting to the local landscape, Day 1 will offer a full summit, organized in partnership with IEDC-Bled School of Management, around the topic of “Learning of Real Impact.”

How can we create learning of real impact, in Bled and beyond?

In addition to the participants of the networking meeting, the summit will also connect IEDC faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners to allow for in-depth exploration of the topic.

The action planning at the summit, however, will allow all participants to explore implications for their own realities, interests and needs.

At the end of the Summit, a reflection session will allow for observation and in-depth discussion of the Summit experience, approaches, and learnings.

The day will wrap-up with ‘fire-side chat’ session with Dr. Ron Fry, the co-creator of Appreciative Inquiry, on what’s next for AI.

Timing Activity
08:30 Welcome coffee and tour of the school
09:00 Network meeting opening. Welcome and introduction
09:30 Summit: Paired Interviews
10:30 Summit: Group Discovery and Report Outs
11:30 Summit: Group Dream
12:30 Lunch & Personal Reflection Time
13:30 Summit: Group Dream Presentations
14:00 Summit: Group Design & Destiny
16:00 Joint session with the participants of the AI-seminar going on at the same time.
Dr. Ron Fry, co-founder of Appreciative Inquiry, and Chair of the Department of Organizational Behavior, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University
17:30 A glass of wine, mingle or a little walk outside
18:30 Network Dinner