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Now you can become a member of the European Network

Dear colleague,
We are over 500 network participants of 30 different European and non European countries.

A European Network of practitioners like you, working with Appreciative Inquiry and other Strengths-based change approaches. A Network deeply committed to the relational way of working, with high quality connections and creative learning opportunities.

The AI European network is happy to announce new plans and activities for the future.
The next network meetings 2015 will be organized in Gotland,  Sweden in April and in Poland, Krakow in the fall.
And in 2016 we will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the network!
To make this possible and to maintain digital communication and webpage renewal we need funding.
Each participant to a network meeting already pays €50,-for the network sustainability and now we will refresh sponsorship possibilities and introduce an annual network fee.

We invite you to become a network member by paying the new annual network fee of only € 20,– The benefits are: You will receive network news and invitations for meeting by mail and will have a reduction of € 20,- on your first the meeting fee in 2015.

This is how it works:;

Use this link link and you will find the paypal button to pay your fee on the website page. New link to be made Kees

-You will get a digital receipt from the Paypal system for you payment.

We hope you will support the network!

The financial group, Peter Bach Lauritzen, Steve Lorraine, Leif Josefsson and Cora Reijerse