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New cards: Creating GREAT conversations

Creating GREAT conversations – Practical Advice for better appreciative conversations 
This is Appreciating People’s latest AI product and builds on the other AP products AI essentials a practical guide to Appreciative Inquiry and the Appreciative Journal Food for Thought. Designed to develop the idea of Appreciative conversations it is for Ai practitioners and anyone interested in developing and supporting great conversations. Useful for designing and testing AI protocols and also as a resource for a AI taster course

The pack consists of 17 A5 cards in a plastic wallet  written in a practical and user-friendly style, containing:

  • a basic introduction on Appreciative Inquiry
  • guidance on active listening
  • importance of dialogue and story
  • creating open questions
  • how to help conversation flow
  • creating great questions
  • conversation frameworks/appreciative conversation protocols
  • practical exercises and helpful hints for great conversations
Co designed and co created through a number of community workshops the pack were launched at a Grundvig project event in Prague October 2013. For further information go to http://www.appreciatingpeople.co.uk/creating-GREAT-conversations. Costs £12.99 plus postage ( 15 euros plus postage ) reductions with bulk orders

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