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New Book: Zen and the Art of Appreciative Inquiry

Zen and the Art of Appreciative Inquiry – a glass half full approach to organisational development.

Published earlier this year, ‘Zen and the Art of Appreciative Inquiry’ provides a unique perspective
on AI. Written by Roger Rowett, the book explores the personal discoveries that led Roger to
embrace this way of working. It also sets this against the backdrop of Zen thinking and in particular
that seminal work – ‘Zen and the Art of Appreciative Inquiry’.

The best way to get a flavour of the book is to check out the reviews on Amazon and to read some
of the text from the Foreword by Neil Wooding, a senior leader within Welsh Government:

“Those of us working across the domain of organisational development who have occasionally flirted
with Appreciative Inquiry as a change technology, will immediately see the value of this book. It
captures the essence of engaging and transforming the way we think and act and reminds us of the
most important ingredient in delivering organisational change – people.

For those who perhaps, have little knowledge or experience of Appreciative Inquiry, but a keen
interest in expanding their personal and professional horizons to discover new ways of delivering
change – this book provides a solid platform for beginning the journey.

As a description of the Appreciative Inquiry process, it offers an intuitive and experiential account
of how to engineer change in an engaging and liberating way. It provides a solid evidence base for
re-thinking the approach we take when working with organisations to transform practice. But more
than this, Roger Rowett introduces us to a different way of understanding the world beyond the
application of a set of principles and procedures.

In a warm and self-deprecating way, he convinces us that to fully understand and engage with the
idea of Appreciative Inquiry we have to recognise the sanctity of relationship and the ocean of human
potential that exists in everyone. In this regard, Appreciative Inquiry is an invitation to see the world
in a different way, to re-construct the social and to acknowledge the connectivity of all things. We are
reminded clearly that without exception, everything is delivered through relationship.”

Dr Neil Wooding, Director, Public Service Management Wales

The book can be found on Amazon for £15
ISBN-13: 978-1482647259