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New book: Strength-based Lean Six Sigma

Strength-based Lean Six Sigma is a fresh approach to process improvement through the lens of the leading approaches to Strength-based change. It offers a bridge between two distinctively different paradigms: the best of process improvement (through Lean Thinking and Six Sigma which are normally practised with a deficit focus) with the best of strength-based approaches to change (such as Appreciative Inquiry, Solution Focus and Positive Deviance).  It combines the energy and creativity of positive change through AI together with the rigour of process improvement offered by Lean Six Sigma. By doing so, it creates more success, engagement, energy and sustained results.
The book connects the guiding principles of all the methodologies. It offers new strength-based versions of well-known processes (for example, how to run a Lean Kaizen event with a strength-based approach) and introduces several useful tools. It also includes case stories from multiple industries and countries. It offers practitioners of all disciplines the opportunity to understand each other and work successfully together to drive effective and powerful efficiency-focused change programmes.

The book is available for pre-order from Amazon and other leading online retailers. Its ISBN number is: 978 0 7494 6950 4. It will be released in Europe on 4 November 2013 and in the US on 28 November.  A special discount is offered when buying direct from the publisher by using the code LEANSIX20.

“This book is the first on integrating Lean Six Sigma and Appreciative Inquiry. David does a masterful job blending the principles and processes of Appreciative Inquiry with the rigour of Lean Six Sigma to influence innovation and sustainable results in organizations. The book represent and insightful contribution to both disciplines”
Jacqueline M. Stavros – author and professor. Director of DBA program, Lawrence Technological University

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