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Jubilee meeting 10 years European AI network

In Hasselt Belgium May 18-21 2016

Crossing borders, co-creation of flourishing futures

“In each relational moment we would resonate with
our surrounds, absorb its potentials, create new amalgams
and return them to the larger flow of relations
in which we are constituted” (Gergen – relational being)

Crossing borders refers to leave our own zone of comfort and to step out of the taken-for-granted world. Speaking about borders, we think of all kind of borders: my personal psychological border, the limitations of thought and imagination, the limitations of one own experiences, the frontiers of nations, the terms of a project, the structures within organizations … With each step, we dismantle barriers and challenge assumptions to meet new opportunities that generate vitality. It means crossing the bridge in a quest for a life-giving context. Crossing borders starts the very moment we become aware that we, on our own, we don’t possess the wisdom and knowledge, needed to unleash the never-ending possibilities and the generative capacity to build the world we hope to live in. With creating a shared space for tracking and fanning the best in our lives we want more of, Appreciative Inquiry is a way of being with searching and building the world we long for.

 Program ( under c0-construction) 

Wednesday May 18th: crossing borders -> connecting to each other

  • 13-15  welcome (registration, music, ‘limburgse vlaai’, coffee, tea… )
  • 15  opening ceremony – crossing bridges to each other & encounter
  • 18: soup and sandwiches
  • 19  Speaker from the community of Hasselt/Maastricht or cultural event

Thursday May 19th: crossing borders -> visit to Maastricht, The Netherlands (landscaping and company visits)

Belvédère: a district that adds something to the city

  • 9:30 : by bus to Maastricht
  • 10:15 – 12:30: visiting the Belvedère (http://www.belvedere-maastricht.nl/english/)
  • Lunch
  • 13.30 – 15 : free time in Maastricht /guided tour or walk in the Frontenpark (exciting combination of city, nature and history)
  • 15-17 Two organizations to visit in Maastricht
  • 17 towards Hasselt by bus
  • 19:30 Dinner together in Hasselt

Friday May 20th: discovering Hasselt ( Landscaping and sharing and learning)

  • 9.30 Coffee, tea. Introduction on the day and Sharing and learning part 1 :Open space sessions and workshops
  • 12-13  walk in the city, quest for images (metasaga with students)
  • 13-14 Lunch at the City Hall
  • 14-17 Sharing and learning part 2: Open space sessions ad workshops.
  • 17 closing ceremony with refreshment.

Saturday May 20th: Advisory board/Jedi council                  10.-13 Board meeting