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Invitation to be a Sponsor – developing the European network even further

Over the last four years the European network has grown from a small meeting in the Netherlands in May 2006 to almost 500 people from across the whole continent. During that time, people in the network have met in eight countries and connected with other strength-based practitioners, sharing ideas and expanding their capabilities.

It’s all about connect, combine & create! The original inspiration in 2006 which is still proving powerful as more people join the network!

The purpose of the European network is to expand the awareness and practice of strength-based ideas and methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry across Europe, taking into account the diversity of our continent.
Our progress has been possible through voluntary commitment and a small group of sponsors. To take our next steps we invite you to become a sponsor and help create the future growth and development of this network.

What we want to do?

  • Add smarter ways to make connections between network members on the network’s website
  • Provide better web technology for broadcasting our meetings and events taking place throughout the network
  • Encourage more volunteer hosts for the twice-yearly European network meetings. Enable them to continue the successful elements of  previous meetings as well as bring their own ways to enrich the experience for others at future network meetings
  • Enable the network to develop new ideas coming from members of the network.

How can you help?
Become a sponsor – at whatever level best suits you – and support the growth of the European network. You will be involved in making something very special happen across many countries and with practitioners from many professional fields. 

from the current Network sponsors:
AI Practitioner, UK – Anne Radford
ESADE Business School, Spain – Ceferi Soler
LeanderLeander, Sweden – Leif Josefsson who is also the webmaster for the Network website
Optimum Interventions, UK – Steve Loraine
TNO Management Consultants, Netherlands – Kees Ahaus
UK AI Network, UK – Julie Barnes and David Shaked who is also a member of the network web editors