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Hotel Hellsten “The story of a piece of peace that makes a difference that matters”

The 20th of October 20 people met in Hotel Hellsten in Stockholm to listening to an interview with the hotel director himself, Per Hellsten. Website: http://www.hellsten.se/en/


The interview for the evening focused on Per´s dreams for the future but we also had the possibility to hear some about his exiting background and life experiences.

How often do we hear a hotel director talk about that his overall goal is to be a part of creating peace on earth and who could think that a hotel could be such a marvelous place to do this?

Supported by future oriented and circular questions, inspired by appreciative inquiry, Per shared his dreams in detail. He also reflected on how his values have developed and how they are noticed in his daily work.

The picture Per shared with us could easily be used as a metaphor for working with groups of people and organizations. He talked about the dream of creating space, contexts where people can meet and feel that they are welcomed and important despite of their different views. Per talked about the importance of creating context where people have the possibility to put their defenses down and to talk about the future and how they would like to live together for the future.

N97leif1522During the interview a marvelous picture grew of hope and passion and the importance of showing each other respect and love. To start with, every employee at the hotel must feel that they are loved so that they also can share this feeling with the people they meet as guests.

Per is on a mission, that is clear. He wants to be a part of changing the world and it is a lovely mission. Through building Hotels, Per aims at creating spaces and environments where people can meet friendly. He describes in detail how he would like his guests to feel when they stay at the hotel or have conferences there. He also took an example of a man who came down to breakfast in his night dress and how happy this made him, this was a sign that the man felt at home!

Per showed the fantastic strength of living ones dreams and to follow ones passion. He encouraged us as listeners to catch the moment and take the opportunities that come our way. He showed that it is always possible to learn new things and that we always have the possibility to develop as human beings.



During the interview we used “outside witnessing team” to reflect on Per´s story and we ended the evening with giving him feedback with colored post-it notes. He got a lot of them!

From my view as an interviewer the interview just once again reminds me of the strengths and possibilities of interviewing into the core of positive actions and dreams. To have the possibility to listen to Per’s lively and passionate story gave me a lot of hope for the future.

So all strength based friends out there, every action in this direction is a huge step toward a better world and hope for the future!

From Stockholm and the systemic network for strength based development

Interview and summary Kicki Oljemark

ps.  Tack Kicki för att du tog budkavlen denna kväll.
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