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First Swedish open university course in Appreciative Inquiry started in north Sweden

From the new University course of Mid Sweden University on Appreciative Inquiry

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We were five members of the Swedish network who chose to participate in the startup summit of a 7,5p course in AI arranged by the Mid Sweden University – department of  Quality and Sustainability.

The course is designed around a 3 day startup summit going through the 4D:s while connecting to theory and practice in interview skills and other approaches. The course will end with a two day Open Space in May, and in between there will be collaboration through the virtual learning platform WebCT.  As it is an open University Course there is no fee involved which makes it very attractive for lots of people.

As we arrived, the first impression was the diversity of the participants. We were from 20 to 60 years. Some had no experience with AI, others had quite deep knowledge.

For some of us with more experience in these ideas it was a striking illustration of the power of questions, and the strength of these method. You can enter on any level and still be in a real learningposition. When we start asking questions, we connect to each others, and to our innerselves. Working with our strengths always kicks of dreams about the future.  As the three of us was driving back to Stockholm again, a 700 km journey, we all had new insights and had made decision about our futures.
The location was very unusual for a University Course – we were in a conferencehotel at the entrance to the high mountains. There was a lot of snow outside, and when we left to return home the temperature was -27C.  That is cooold.

Story told by Micke Brozen, Headmaster Kräppla school, Marie Daun individual and organizational development, MDCoaching, Leif Josefsson, facilitator, LeanderLeander AB