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Expanding AI training Opportunities in Europe

This topic started as a conversation in one of the previous UK AI network meeting and is now rapidly expanding both in the UK and in the rest of Europe.  In December, we posted a survey on the European network site to get a better picture of the level of interest in the NTL Certificate programme across Europe. The survey received a lot of interest and great information which I would like to share with you today.

To view the survey results so far (34 responses) click here: Expanding AI Training Opportunities in Europe

A few comments on the survey results and next steps:

The idea to expand the training opportunities for AI practitioners in Europe started with a few of us who have taken courses by NTL in the US.  Through the survey responses, we learn that there are other great training opportunities on offer to AI practitioners both in Europe and in the US.  We welcome all other options as well as new emerging options to develop in parallel as they all benefit, sustain and enhance the practice of AI in this region.

A small group of practitioners will continue to work with NTL to find ways to bring more of their training to Europe.  If you wish to be part of this core group, please let us know.  We would like to emphasise that the practitioners providing the NTL training are typically leading practitioners in their fields and their training activities are not their main source of income (if at all).

Another group of members of the UK network started a parallel conversation to identify additional training requirements and opportunities at different levels (i.e. from non-practitioners/beginners to experienced practitioners).  This is now developing to an inquiry of the topic across Europe and a summit  to be held this summer in London.  We will update you about these activities separately.  We would welcome more support with this and especially with people outside the UK to ensure this covers the needs across the continent.  If you wish to support this inquiry and be part of the core group, please contact Lesley Moore at: lesley@mooreinsight.co.uk

There were a few requests for additional training that is not included in the NTL programme and may need to be developed (e.g. Living Appreciatively, AI and Evaluations).  If you would like to start conversations around them with fellow practitioners who have the same areas of interest, please let me know and I will connect you with other interested colleagues.