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Creating the future of the UK AI Network meeting – 12 September 2011

Dear AI-UK Network members,

People with a passion for Appreciative Inquiry are meeting for dialogue, learning, exchange of ideas and information sharing – all in excellent company, in great surroundings and with a good lunch in the lovely Canonbury Academy.

These are informal, self-organising days to which you are invited to contribute your latest ideas, thoughts and questions … and follow the conversations that interest you the most.

At the last meeting, in June, we had a fantastic time with a great mixture of newcomers and experienced Appreciative Inquirers.  As always the newcomers come with a wealth of experience in other, parallel fields, so they contribute novel insights and perspectives. Practitioners come with their latest experiences, readings and thoughts.  For example, Sarah Lewis talked about her book, which several others there had already read.  So we had a great discussion about positive psychology.

Tim Slack treated us to yet another delicious ice-breaker, although as at all network meetings, the ice is pretty slushy to begin with, so he is on an easy wicket (is that a mixed metaphor?).  He promises another ice-breaker this time.  They are so clever, it’s worth going just for that.

We had some other brilliant discussions in our open space, and Nick Moore gloriously finished off proceedings by asking us all three questions about the day.  Answering them produced a great summary, and we all trotted off topped up to the brim with AI.

The coming meeting on 12th September looks equally appetising.

By then we will have had the Bore Place retreat, and there will be feedback on the complexity conversations held there.

There will also be discussion of the exciting Grundtvig project that is about to burst into life.  Grundtvig is a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme and is aimed at improvement and innovation in the quality of adult education – including AI.  Grundtvig is Europe-wide:  how should we in the UK be involved?

With this email comes a paper from Julie Barnes (AI-UK network – next steps), who started the UK network four years ago, asking where we should be going now.  We’ll be putting forward, and debating, our dreams for the future.

And there is the planning for the World AI conference in Belgium next year, plus the fantastic open space discussions about all things AI that always lead to great insights and wonderful learning.

It’s going to be a tremendous event.