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Corporate Storytelling and Playback Theatre in Stockholm Network Café Nov 30

We were 30 excited networkers who met at Hotel Hellsten in Stockholm for a great idea laboratory.  Owner of the stick was Jan Platander who brought the Corporate Storyteller Matts Heijbel & Teater X, a theatre group working with Playback Theatre

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Highlights and Stories
Stories are published as they are written by participants.

Matts Heijbel, www.Storytellers.se
When I saw the people from Teater X using bodies and voices to show the stories that they collected in the room my tears came. Storytelling shown this way is giving life to the culture capital living in worklife. As a corporate storyteller since ten years I felt that I met something new this evening.
Learnings and reflections: If culture-culture can not come to the factories and officies. Let us bring the corporate stories to the scenes and theatres. What happend at Hotel Hellsten was a little step towards mixing theatre and corporate storytelling. Long live the story capital among the working people of the 21th century. Let us harvest the stoygold and spread it to build a us storyfuture together.

Ole Ränge
the theme was on corporate storytelling – which really lifted with Teater X taking it to the next level
It revealed again the impact of storytelling and ideed of pictures produced live. next step – let´s do metaphors!

Micke Brozen, Headmaster, Kräpplaskolan, Huddinge
Beautiful stories
from the storytelling man Mats Heijbel. It really made me feel the small stories Mats told and an interesting perspective to dig deep in an organisations, small but so important to bring up never heard stories. An amazing tool. The unspoken stories 🙂

Theater X
Wow the third time i saw the group, also an amazing tool to bring up subjects to a more direkt to the heart feeling, it makes me feel alive and very inspired by the stories they tell in another way Beautiful performenc
Learnings and reflections
Organisations should spend more time to often bring up the stories of the company, the organisation you work in.
Storytelling and perfomence theater a very strong tool togheter.