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  1. Workshops: 2. Flourishing Together: creating ourselves, creating the future: from relationships to realities

    Miriam Subirana and Cees Hoogendijk

    In this workshop we will together explore:
    The flourishing of individuals and partners through the art of inquiry.
    The fluid and the frozen in relationships.
    What works and what fails in conversation?
    Creating new conversations as “forms of life” (Wittgenstein).
    Generative and degenerative processes in relationships
    Looking at your own relationships.
    Building new vocabularies and new practices of relationship. Read more

  2. Workshops: 1. Crossing improvement borders with Strength based Lean!

    Theo van den Eijnden

    Strength based Lean offers Appreciative Inquiry and Lean practitioners the opportunity to work successfully together on engaging, effective and sustainable improvement that crosses the borders of deficit approached problem solving..

    In this workshop I will offer an interactive insight in the fruitful entwinement of Appreciative Inquiry and Lean.


  3. More about the program

    Co-creating the program:


    Telling stories is a well-known method in AI. In this celebration meeting we would like to give space to your story. All participants have at least one story that is worth hearing about it, that’s for sure. Just give yourself the opportunity to join in an appreciative interview. When you show up at the meeting, respond to this invitation and come forward with your professional experience in AI.
    The interviewer is Karin van Kesteren, an experienced AI-practitioner. These interviews will be organised during the 3-days meeting. At the end there will be a kaleidoscope of many AI-practitioners and their stories. More information during the opening ceremony.

  4. Crossing borders

    Bridge europe cntrst

    Crossing borders, co-creation of flourishing futures

    “In each relational moment we would resonate with
    our surrounds, absorb its potentials, create new amalgams
    and return them to the larger flow of relations
    in which we are constituted” (Gergen – relational being).

    Read more