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  1. Visit to the Belvedère.

    20160519_101212_1463656728428_resizedLots of People know Maastricht of the elegant, touristic centre. Not many people outside the city knows the rough side of it. That area was where we got a tour of Erwin Gerardu communicaties advisor of the municipality. He tells about the development of this area.
    In renovating old buildings they often discovered old remains. That shows the long history of this city. The industrial development of the Netherlands started here.


    20160519_101742_1463656831787_resizedThis region was very apropiate for ceramic industry. Nowadays the buildings are empty. That gave a chance to create a new future. A rook som time to find the municipality and other stakeholders to join this plan for development. They were organisations like nature organisations, artists who work and live her, the citizens and organisations that take care of the history of this city. They wanted to give them all a voice in the planning. It worked like that because they all wanted to work on this area. The initiators were faithful and believed in what could happen.



    20160519_121607_1463657001391_resizedWe hear in this story a dream that is attractive for all stakeholders. There are a lot of young starting entrepreneurs that will find space in this old renovated buildings. In the plans they create space for infrastructure, green zones and cultural functions. Check out www.belvedere-maastricht.nl At the end of the morning we visited the old building of Sfynx and climbed up to the topfloor for a panaromic view.


  2. Happy Anniversary

    HfC-Ai_Euro Anniversary

    A great start to the meeting, rich conversations about Crossing Borders,  Attached my anniversary best wishes card produced for participants at the meeting and for good wishes to the network for uploading onto the site.


  3. Join Hasselt on Facebook


    Dear members of the European AI Network.

    The Jubilee meeting in Hasselt, Belgium,
    Crossing borders, co-creation of flourishing futures
    Is about to start.

    No matter if you are going there in person or if you are back at your office, you have a possibility to join us via the Facebook event page made by the AI Community Europe.
    You can post comments or questions about what is going on there, pictures etc.
    Why not start by telling us about your fondest memory of one of the earlier meetings?

    You will find us here: https://www.facebook.com/events

    If you are a member of the group you will already have received an invitation to join at Facebook. If you are not a member yet you can follow this link:

    With the hope of good connections, co-creating from inside and outside we wish all of you gathered in Hasselt some wonderful days.

    Warm regards
    Peter Lauritzen

  4. Workshops: 7. How to get more SALT in your life!

    Anita Sheehan &  Jan Somers

    In this workshop, we shall explore the strengths and commonalities of both AI and a close cousin to AI, namely SALT (Stimulate-Appreciate-Learn-Transfer).
    Above all we aim to discover how they can enrich each other and be applied to every day life.

    Be prepared to bring your heads and your hearts to this deepening experience.

    Anita Sheehan

    Jan Somers

  5. Workshops: 6. Mindful helping

    Joan Huling

    This is an experiential workshop where participants will explore how, when and why we help one another.
    Working in pairs we will be participating in a creative project that will help in our exploration of the concepts.

    Community Art
    Please help complete the wall hanging by adding your thoughts with the provided materials.

    Joan Huling
    Gore, Southland, New Zealand

  6. Workshops: 5. From Strength to Strength

    Sarah Lewis

    This workshop will present a model I am working on for bringing the exciting developments of Appreciative Inquiry together into a comprehensive model for putting Appreciative Inquiry at the heart of our organizational culture.
    I am hoping those who attend will help me explore, define, extend and improve this emerging model. I intend it to be a practical model for leaders interested in understanding how to create strengths based organizations, and anticipate it will be the focus of my next book.

    Sarah Lewis
    Mission: To create value by traveling the world bringing the power of Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry to workplace challenges, and developing others to do so.


  7. Workshops: 4. Strengths-based Mindfulness – practice & conversation

    Matthijs Steeneveld

    Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of what is present. Combining strengths and mindfulness lets you focus on what is good, with awareness and kindness. In this workshop we meditate on our strengths and we talk with each other about what there is to appreciate in yourself and others. The session is based on Mindfulness Based Strengths Practice.

    Matthijs Steeneveld is a positive psychologist and mindfulness trainer who works in organizations.


  8. Workshops: 3. Food for thoughts: what about ICT & AI?

    An Rubens and Suzy Kimpen

    The objective of this workshop is to share new insights into the Ai landscape. During this interactive dialogue we want to check and talk about the way that Intentional Change Theory and Appreciative Inquiry are interconnected. We want to explore what colleagues think about the application and we want to make an active link with Flourishing organization

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