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Call for articles for AIP Issue February 2012: Making Learning the Spark of Transformation

Call for Articles

AIP issue: February 2012

Working Title: Making Learning the Spark of Transformation

Guest editors: Jan Reed and Lena Holmberg

Jan Reed is a researcher who has worked with older people and health and social care providers to develop services using AI. She has taught nurses and other professional groups at graduate and post-graduate level. She has written a number of books and papers, edited several journals, and now holds an Emeritus Chair at Northumbria University in the UK.

Lena Holmberg is a computational linguist with a PhD in education. She has applied Appreciative Inquiry in many organisational development projects as a consultant and manager for more than seven years. Together with former university colleagues, she started a research group focusing on software process improvement using AI. A keen networker, she participated in the start of the European, Swedish and UK AI networks.

A Special AIP Issue on Learning

Together Jan and Lena were guest editors for the AI Practitioner Issue in 2007 which focused on research methods. Since then they have been editors of the Research Column in the AI Practitioner. Inspired by the column participants and their own experience, they now embark upon a new venture together: A special AIP issue with the working title “Making learning the spark of transformation”. Appreciative inquiry (AI) is a strengths-based approach, which focuses on discovering and building on achievements to plan the future.

Lena Holmberg and Jan Reed are planning to co-edit an issue of AIP about experiences of using AI in teaching and learning, and they would like to invite you to write something for this. You can write as a student or a teacher, or as colleagues. Pieces may reflect on experiences in any discipline, from the workplace or the classroom as a stimulus for discussion and thinking. – we know that many of you are doing interesting things, and we’d like to hear about them!

We thought that we could follow the 4I structure of AI as a way of organising contributions;

INITIATE – accounts of how AI learning started

INQUIRE – accounts of what it looked like

IMAGINE – ideas about how it could be

INNOVATE – how learning could change

Timeline for Contributions

Contributions can be accounts, thoughts, studies or comments, up to 2500 words and could focus on any of these aspects in the 4I cycle.

We’d like to receive initial ideas (300 words max) by 1st May and completed article by 31st July 2011, This will give us time to edit and to write papers around the key points that are raised.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more please contact either Lena (lmholmberg@gmail.com) or Jan (jreedhexham@gmail.com)and we can start developing the issue together.