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Call for 2012 topics for AI Practitioner, or do you want to be a Guest Editor?

This message is from Anne Radford, Editor in chief of AI Practitioner, the online journal of Appreciative Inquiry
Call for 2012 topics for AI Practitioner
Even though 2011 has just started, there is a need to think about AIP topics for 2012!

Is there a topic you would like to see covered in 2012? Please let me know.
If you would like to be a Guest Editor for an special issue of AIP, please send me a very brief Call for articles – 350 words max – giving:

  • the working title or topic of the issue
  • the focus of the issue
  • the main points you would like contributors to highlight, or areas / questions you would like covered
  • the areas where there might be insights or learnings.

AIP is read by leaders and managers in all sectors, facilitators, researchers, community organisers and practitioners working in and with organisations.
People like case studies as well as pieces where they see practical theory emerging from experiences to date.

AIP is run mainly as a service to the AI community – so there are no editorial fees, I afraid. Income from subscriptions and articles go towards keeping the AIP website updated, working with Guest editors to develop a rich range of articles for an issue and then transforming the final articles into the colourful and professional layout of the AIP issues.

Many thanks for all your support over the years,

Anne Radford, AI Practitioner
Skype: aipractitioner