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  1. Mindfull Helping: an experimental workshop

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    The purpose of this workshop is to explore your personal style of helping: when, how and what motivates you to help others in order to build upon your skills in mindfull helping. We will using metaphors for crossing borders as our focus.

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    • Introductions
    • Short discussion on mindfull helping. What motivates us to help
    • Choose a partner: one is the builder; the other is a helper
    • The builder will build a 3-dimensional object that represents helping to cross borders. For example: bridge, boat, school, home, computer etc.
    • The helpers help with their discretion while keeping three things in mind: when, how and waht motivates you to help
    • After 15 minutes you will change roles and the process begins anew
    • After you both have had a turn to build you have time to process what you experienced as individual and as a team
    • The whole group will share their built objects and experiences