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Announcing the May 2009 AI Practitioner

Intergenerational Dialogue
May 2009 AI Practitioner

Guest editors: Joyce Lemke, Marjorie Schiller and Peter Whitehouse

Part 1: Intergenerational Dialogue in Schools, seven articles describe the experiences and lasting impact of conversations between students, teachers and a School Board Chairman.

Part 2: Intergenerational Dialogue in Communities includes examples from families, work teams, a national initiative on health as well as maximum mix conversations.

In the new section, AI Research Notes, edited by Jan Reed and Lena Holmberg there are accounts from researchers in the United States and United Kingdom on introducing AI to research participants and confronting academic skepticism of AI.

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The four issues in the 2009 subscription are:
February 2009: Working Boldly with AI Examples from the UK AI Network
Guest editors: Julie Barnes and Anne Radford, UK

May 2009: Intergenerational Dialogue
Guest editors: Joyce Lemke, Marjorie Schiller and Peter Whitehouse, USA

August 2009: Appreciative Systemic Practice
Guest editors: Carsten Hornstrup and Thomas Johansen, Denmark

November 2009: Appreciative Leadership – the leaders’ stories
Guest editor: Helena Kovacs, Sweden


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