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Announcing May 08 AI Practitioner Wired Discovery

Wired Discovery, New Conversations and Deeper Connections

Guest editors: Loretta L. Donovan, Gabriel Shirley and Sue Anderson Derby

In this issue the guest editors help us “venture into the domain of technology … the variations of online tools, the ways in which practitioners are using them, and how they are adding rich texture to the experiences and insights gleaned about the best of what is.”

Is there a comfortable, authentic fit for online technology for beneficiaries of AI (our clients) and for the AI thought leaders and caretakers (the scholars and practitioners)? The answer is a confident ‘YES’.

Articles explore:
* What new models frame AI in the digital age
* How stories and themes were collected online for a research study
* How highly energizing provocative propositions were created using web conferencing technology
* Where online collaboration connects and sustains a community of AI practitioners

To read one of the articles, written by Leif Josefsson and Lena Holmberg about technology and the European network, click here
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