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Announcing AIP August 2008 issue

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August 2008
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August 2008Announcing the AUGUST 2008 AI Practitioner

The Sustainability Journey and Appreciative Inquiry:
How a Whole-System, Positive Change Approach can Accelerate the Adoption and Integration of a New Business Paradigm
Guest editors: Mona Amodeo, C Keith Cox, Daniel K Saint and Jacqueline M Stavros

What is sustainability? Is it a process, a concept, a strategy? All of these combined? The United Nations Brundtland Report broadly defined sustainability as ensuring that humanity meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The Guest editors say, ‘From our perspective, sustainability derives it greatest power and potential in organizations when it is embraced as a set of core values that uplift and integrate economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social responsibility, sometimes referred to as people, profit and planet – the triple bottom line.’

The Guest editors together with their clients describe key successes in combining the benefits of focusing on the triple bottom line. Examples in this AIP issue include:

  • The global carpet manufacturing company, Interface, made a commitment in 1994 to be ‘the first name in sustainability in words and deeds.’ Their Summit, just a few months ago, brought together leaders from around the world to look at the ‘Next Ascent’ – where and how to accelerate progress to achieving Mission Zero, eliminating any negative impact the company may have on the environment.
  • A global professional services firm, Jefferson Wells, sets out how it has been using the AI approach to building sustainable value in terms of employee engagement, employee retention, client satisfaction, revenue and income. The chart of their progress in these areas from 2004 to 2007 shows significant progress.
  • Continental Automotive employs approximately 150,000 people at nearly 200 locations in 36 countries and is part of Continental AG automotive supplier which has annual sales of more than $40 billion. In this article, the executive responsible for automotive marketing and product development strategy for North America has a research agenda in the area of sustainability and green business strategy. This article explores what this agenda might mean for key stakeholders: manufacturers and consumers.
  • The US Army, which is currently undergoing the most comprehensive transformation in 50 years according to some, is building its long-term success on business process transformation and sustainability. The authors look at how using AI and the SOAR framework is assisting the Army leaders in these goals.
  • The trend toward adopting sustainable development practices in Chemical Management Services (CMS) business is growing. The author draws on his many years of industry experience and knowledge of effective applications of the SOAR framework to conclude that success in implementing sustainability is where all voices are heard and people are engaged. These organizations also have financial success which should encourage others to take up this approach.
Creating and Sustaining Strength-based Organizations with guest editors: Bernard Mohr, Sallie Lee, Joanne Daykin and Catherine McKenna.



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