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Anne Shacklady Smith to present a Strength Based approach at community conference in Denmark.

In January we sent out a call for speakers to the network for the conference below.  Today we received this message from the organizers:

“Thank you very much for your prizeless help with this!
We had about 10 people volunteering for the task, and we chose Ann Shacklady-Smith (UK) who comes highly recommended from within the network 🙂
You can remove the ‘call for speaker’ posting now, thank you!
Best regards
Christine Marie Poulsen
Konferencekoordinator, Byen i Balance
Udviklingssekretariatet, Vejle Kommune”

The BalanCity Project in Denmark is once again hosting a conference on ‘CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT IN TOWN AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT’, with the overall aim to share knowledge.

It will take place in Vingsted the 5th-7th of May 2009 and the planning is well along.

We are looking for a gifted speaker, who has worked as a practician with Appreciative Inquiry. It would be just PERFECT, if this person also worked in the field of Asset Based Community Development, as those two methods are what the conference is all about!

Mrs. Mary Nelson (US) will be giving a short speech on ABCD and we are looking for someone to talk about AI – for approx. 60 minutes. Beside this ‘introduction speech’, we would like you to facilitate a workshop of 2 hrs twice – also on Wednesday the 6th of May.

The about 200 participants at the conference are from very different work areas in Denmark; from engineers, architects and town developers to community chairmans, local rural action groups and citizen advisors… We want to give all participants a ‘crash introduction’ to both AI and ABCD at the beginning of the conference. This will serve as a great platform for the rest of the programme!

We will of   course pay both travel expences, the three-days stay at Vingsted and the possible fee for this speaker.

With hope to hear from you soon

Christine Poulsen CHRPO@vejle.dk
Steen Soegaard stsog@vejle.dk