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A story about how I got in touch with Appreciative Inquiry. By B Daniel Richardsson

August 2006
– Daniel have you heard about Appreciative Inquiry?
– No, what is that?
It was Tom Lidström asking me if I had heard about Appreciative Inquiry
Now 3 years later will soon one of my “dreamvision questions” from 2006 be manifested in the present reality.
The question was:
Which University in Sweden will start to offer courses about Appreciative Inquiry for strength based change management?
And making it possible for younger leaders and students, “the next generations of swedish leaders” to learn more about AI and the effects that comes from using AI?
From (2009-10-21) Mid Sweden University are launching their Appreciative Inquiry course site http://www.miun.se/AI (only in Swedish) and this winter is the first course in Appreciative Inquiry for Strength-Based Change Management going to be held at Mid Sweden University.
What to say today?
I am really happy about this step in the Swedish history of strength-based development.
I am honered to have been chosen to teach and guide the students in this learning in to “what gives life to organizations”
And I’m really proud of the Qualitymanagement and Sustainable Development Department atMid Sweden University,Espacially, my great teacher Johan Lilja. He has supported and challanged me during the last year of study into the field of experience economy and into how to develop and make educational offerings more attractive. 
The research which is done by Ingela Bäckström has inpired me a lot since I first read her work, in June 2009. “On the Relationship between Sustainable Health and Quality Management: Leadership and organizational behaviours from Swedish organizations” 
Today (2009-2010) new oppurtunities has emerge, for people in Sweden, to learn more about AI in a swedish context of inquiry and storytelling into 
What works?
Why do things work so well?
What give life to living systems?
with the help of our own language;
It´s great and I think it will make a huge difference for the development of the sustainable swedish culture and businesses, years to come.
To be continued…
August 2006
Tom reached out a book to Daniel and said read this and come back and tell me what you think. Daniel did check the book out, and he did like what he was reading…
with appreciations
B. Daniel Richardsson
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