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A Call for Articles for May 2010 AI Practitioner – draft articles by 1st March 2010

Age & Stage … Individuals and Organizations Flourishing Through Time

A call for Articles for May 2010 AI Practitioner
Guest editors: Loretta Randolph and Neil Samuels

Loretta Randolph and Neil Samuels are guest editors for the May AIP issue. Hence this request of you.

The issue will be about us as AI practitioners. Reflecting on our practices, the organizations we serve, and who we are as practitioners, the issue will explore the changes consultants may go through as they and their practices grow and mature.

Loretta and Neil are looking for a breadth of “Age and Stage” in the practice of strength-based consulting, and the members of this List cover quite a range of both. Some of you are very well established and have been leading this field for years. Others are relatively new to the practice. Some of you are US based, some not. Some have been inside organizations, some external, some both. Some are based in academia, others steeped in the world of not-for profit.

Below are the questions we are posing to help potential authors focus their writing.

How We Practice

  • When you knew that your practice would be strength-based?
  • How your thinking and consulting practice using strength-based approaches have changed as you have aged (and we hope, matured).
  • What you see as the differences, if any, between the practice of consultants who have grown up with a single client or organization and those with a variety of clients?

Where We Practice

  • What happens when you have grown and the organization/client system you are working in hasn’t.
  • How your practice varies depending on the age and stage of the organization with which you are working. (i.e. start-up, ad hoc growth, developing systems and processes, stagnation and demise.)
  • The differences of practicing AI and other strength-based approaches in young organizations vs. older organizations.

Who We Are As Practitioners

  • How the way training and development of consultants has changed over time and how that has affected our practice.
  • How you nurture and develop other practitioners over time.
  • The legacy you hope to leave to the next generation of consultants.
  • The insights you want to share with the older generation of consultants.
  • Your best experiences of learning with/from practitioners of a different generation.

Please do not let our questions confine your thinking. How might AIP readers, and the practice of strength-based consulting benefit from your story. What new consultant might you catalyze? What experienced practitioner might find herself re-energized by your insight? What could you re-discover in yourself as you reflect on your journey?

Please consider sharing your stories!

Articles can vary in length from one page (about 400 words) to 5 pages (about 2500 words) and here is the timeline with which Loretta and I are working.

1 March 2010 First draft of articles .
27 March Draft pdf in final layout to authors and guest editors
10 April Final comments and signoff by authors
1 May AIP May 2010 issue available

We realize that time is short but please consider sharing your story!

Neil D. Samuels

Loretta Randolph