Welcome to The European Appreciative Inquiry Network

The community around Appreciative Inquiry and Strength Based Change
The Network is a non-profit association of AI practitioners and people with a general interest in Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based principles and work.
We would like to invite anyone, who falls into these categories, to become a member of the Network. Details on how to join can be found here

The primary objectives of the Network are to make a platform for cooperation and co-creation between these people and to spread and enlarge the knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry in Europe.
The two most significant assets in this work are the Network meetings and the aicommunity.eu website.

The Network has two annual meetings in spring and autumn. Meetings are held in different countries.

The next meeting will be held in The Hague from September 12th until September 14th 2018.

Our previous meeting was held in Greenwich, London 19-21th October 2016. Theme: Flow, Regeneration, Inspiration. More information can be found in the Greenwich 2016 menu.




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